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all-women hostel

We understand that women today are seeking more than just a place to rest their weary feet; they crave an environment that fosters connection, empowerment, and unforgettable experiences.

twin room

Embrace a cost-effective and enjoyable experience by sharing a twin room with a fellow female traveler. Who knows? You might find a travel buddy and create lasting memories together!

dorm room (available soon!)

Feeling adventurous? Opt for our dorm room with four beds and embark on an exciting, more cost-effective, and enjoyable journey together. Meet like-minded #wanderwomen and create an unforgettable girls night out group!


co-working space (available soon!) 

Looking for a place to work while traveling? Look no further! Our hostel offers a designated co-working space, complete with a crystal chamber for meetings. Work efficiently and comfortably while traveling. Your productivity and convenience are our top priorities!


We go beyond the ordinary to foster a vibrant community that celebrates wanderlust and empowers women in their journeys. Join us for unforgettable girls night (and day) outs, featuring everything from yoga sessions to food crawls.