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Surftown Surprises: Smiles in a Shoebox

As we approach the most magical time of the year, the spirit of Christmas echoes with joy, gratitude, and the gift of giving. At WanderWomen Hostel in Lingsat, San Fernando, La Union, we’re thrilled to introduce “Surftown Surprises: Smiles in a Shoebox,” where the season’s essence merges with the joy of giving back to our community.

We believe that Christmas isn’t just a time of festivities; it’s a season of sharing, caring, and spreading smiles. Despite the hurdles and challenges this year, blessings have found their way to us. As the year draws to a close, we are humbled and grateful for the support and love we’ve received. It’s time to pay it forward and extend these blessings to those for whom Christmas is specially made – the children.

Our outreach program aims to create lasting memories for ten local kids in La Union. On December 16thUrbiz Garden will be transformed into a haven of smiles, laughter, and surprises.

The day will be filled with activities crafted especially for these young souls:

  • Beach Cleanup in partnership with Clean Beach: A chance to give back to our beautiful shores and nurture a sense of responsibility towards the environment.
  • Breakfast and Inspirational Talk from Project Curma 🐢: A hearty breakfast coupled with inspiring talk, setting a positive tone for the day.
  • Surf Lessons: Thanks to Enteng Surf School, owned by none other than Enteng the Dragon, one of La Union’s surf legends, the kids will dive into the world of surfing, experiencing the thrill of riding the waves.
  • Games, Lunch, and Shoebox Surprises: A break filled with games, a scrumptious lunch, and the heartwarming moment of opening the shoeboxes filled with love and surprises.

You can be part of this endeavor in two ways:

1. Donate a Shoebox: Craft a magical surprise for a child by filling a shoebox with carefully selected gifts. Follow our guidelines to create a joyous moment for these kids.

How to Prepare Your Christmas Shoeboxes:

  • Select a Shoebox: Find an empty shoebox of average size. You can wrap the box and lid separately with festive Christmas wrappers to add a touch of holiday cheer.
  • Identify Your Recipient: Contact @wanderwomenworld on Instagram to receive details about your recipient’s name, age, and gender. This information will help you choose appropriate gifts.
  • Gift Selection: Pack the shoebox with a variety of thoughtful gifts tailored to bring joy to the recipient.

Toys: Start with a cherished central item such as a beautiful doll, a deflated soccer ball with a pump, or a plush stuffed animal. Supplement these with quality items like small cars, musical instruments, puzzles, and jump ropes.
School Supplies: Include essential items such as pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks, and coloring books to encourage learning and creativity.
Hygiene Items: Add personal care essentials like toothbrushes, bar soap, washcloths, and combs to promote good hygiene.
Accessories: Include practical items like socks, hats, t-shirts, flip-flops, hairbands, sunglasses, etc., to enhance their daily life.
A Personal Note: Write a heartfelt letter to your recipient, sharing positive thoughts and holiday wishes. Consider including a photo of yourself or your family/group to create a personal connection. Including your name, address, or contact info allows the child to write back if they wish. 

Items to Exclude:
  • Damaged items
  • War-related items, toy guns, knives, or military figures
  • Chocolate or food items
  • Liquids or lotions
  • Medications or vitamins
  • Breakable items such as snowglobes or glass containers 

2. Financial Contributions: Support us in ensuring that the children have a delightful day by contributing towards kids’ foods, event materials, and rebuilding materials for Enteng Surf School’s temporary shelter.

As the year draws to a close, we’re reminded of the blessings that have come our way. Join us in expressing gratitude and sharing these blessings with the younger members of our community. Christmas truly is made for kids, and together, and we hope you can join us in making it unforgettable at least for some of them.

For further information and to get involved, you may reach out to us directly via email ( or on Instagram (@wanderwomenworld). Let’s come together and make this holiday season brighter, one smile at a time!

With gratitude and cheer,

Benny Rose and the WanderWomen Hostel Team

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